About Us

Our EPIC Founders

Diana Starr Langley, CEO/Founder

Diana has always been a serial entrepreneur – from the age of 7 when she grew and sold asparagus in rural Ohio to developing medical/surgical products in her 30’s to entering the CBD market in her 60’s.
After graduating from the University of Michigan Business School, Diana invented and patented the first UV absorbing sunglass on the market in the early 1980’s.  It was called SolarShields and 40 years later is still in thousands of retail stores in the US and is now owned by Foster Grant.  Diana also created the first UV absorbing eyeglass lens and intraocular implant (IOL) for cataract surgery.  Her other successes and failures continued to grow her skills in developing unique consumer & medical products.
In 2018, she teamed up with Kalon Baird with the intent of creating a new technology for a CBD consumer products company.  They are now able to convert CBD isolate and distillate into Nano water soluble liquid and powder.

Kalon Baird, COO/Founder

Kalon is our “jack of all trades” and master of many. Recently, his passion for the field of Nano technology has captivated his curiosity and narrowed his focus.  This passion is the brain child that drives the research and technology we use.  Kalon brings a strong science foundation, many years in the medical CBD industry, and studied business and economics at UCSB.  His passion for wanting to start a company founded on wellness and cutting edge technology came over two years ago having success helping his mom on her journey to with breast cancer.  She is cancer free today.

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