EPIC™ is a proprietary technology of making isolate and distillate extracts into a water-soluble liquid or powder.  At the same time, the liquid is Nano-encapsulated to a particle size of less than 50 nanometers.  The powder is a micro particle.  Both products dissolve easily into any water-based product.  This technology offers higher bio-availability as well as faster onset.  This is valuable for many classes of products.

EFFICIENCY/HIGHER AVAILABILITY   In many cases, vitamins, antioxidants, and nutraceuticals aren’t highly bioavailable by nature, and drug loading must be high. Therefore, the body is tasked with processing those vital elements via the GI tract when consumed orally. Many times, these molecules aren’t absorbed, and instead are excreted or retained in the body. One of the main problems with CBD and other cannabinoids is that they are lipophilic (fat soluble). Our technology addresses this issue by ensuring that cannabinoids and other nutraceuticals are converted to a water soluble “colloidal suspension”. These suspensions enhance the delivery of bioactive molecules and eliminate malabsorption. In addition, the reduction in particle size to submicron levels ~50 nanometers or less, allows easy passage through absorption sites, and facilitates access to the blood stream across all delivery routes (oral, transdermal, sublingual, ocular, etc.)

PREDICTABILITY We can offer a safe, predictable and repeatable experience. 

CONTROL  By purchasing products infused by Epic™, you’ll be able to formulate therapeutic products that can achieve a 5X efficacy, have faster onset of relief in 10 minutes or less, achieve logarithmic bio-availability, and deliver better product homogeneity.

All Epic™ products are made from high quality, reliable sources, are laboratory tested and manufactured in accordance to GMP standards. Non-GMO.

Manufactured by Smart CBD Solutions, LLC Santa Barbara, CA 2019

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